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There have been 3 key, pivotal, industry defining moments in the history of hospitality.

And we are in the midst of a 4th.

1. 1765 - the first menu, and al a carte dining.

Prior to this, table d’hote was the norm, served largely at taverns.

2. Late 19th Century - Escoffier’s kitchen brigade.

Prior to this, menus were not standardised, kitchens were unclean, ill disciplined and unruly.

3. 1970’s - The McDonaldisation of hospitality.

Coined by George Ritter in 1993, this described the split from traditional, experience based hospitality, to efficient based service.

Based upon efficiency (the division of labour), predictability, calculability, and control (monitoring), this model espouses consistency over all else.

4. 2024 - Business model paradigm shift

Prior to this, good food, good service and reasonable turnover meant profit.

That paradigm no longer exists. The art of hospitality must be blended with the science of profitability.

We are, right now, experiencing a seismic shift, and profound moment of change.

For those that lean into and embrace the change, the challenging next 12-18 months, will be perfectly placed for the boom time to follow.

18 months of toil and redefining, refining our businesses to see the best trading conditions in 25 years.